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"A whole new World" - Aladdin

"Beauty and the Beast Suite" - Beauty and the Beast

"Under the Sea" - Ariel

"The bare Necessities" - The Junglebook

"A million Dreams" - The Greatest Showman

"Pirates of the Caribbean Suite" - The Pirates of the Caribbean

"Harry Potter Suite" - Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

"A Thousend Years" - Twilight

"Tennessee Theme" - Pearl Harbor

"Magnificent Seven Theme" - Magnificent Seven

"Schindler`s Theme" - Schindler`s List

"Love Theme from the Godfather" - The Godfather

"Game of Thrones Suite" - Game of Thrones

"Raider`s March" - Indiana Jones and the last Crusiade

"Star Wars Suite" - Star Wars Saga

"Lord of the Rings Suite" - Lord of the Rings: The two towers

"Now we are free" - Gladiator

"Moon River" - Breakfast at Tiffany`s

"Por una Cabeza" - A scent of a Woman

"Cornfield chase" - Interstellar

"Chevaliers de Sangreal" - The Da Vinci Code

"The Polar Express Suite" - The Polar Express

"Setting the trap" - Home Alone

"Carol of the bells"

"The Nutcracker Suite" 

"Im walking in the air" - The  Snowman

"Its the most wonderful time of the Year" 

"Somewhere in my memory" - Home Alone

"Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas"